June 8 2004 – Update to Parent Leadership Summit Participants

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June 8 2004 – Update to Parent Leadership Summit Participants
Update to Parent Leadership Summit Participants

The school year is over for most of us and the legislative session may be finished for the year. For education, it was an intense year.  We have new social studies and science standards to implement and are awaiting the announcement of a new commissioner of education. At this time, it seems likely that a special session will be called. Even with a tightly negotiated agenda, items that concern legislators can come forward.

I have met and spoken with many of you over the last month. I have given presentations to groups that you have formed and have had great conversations with legislative committees in many of your districts. Many of you have intimated that you will spend the summer gearing up for fall candidate forums and the election cycle. If you want help with these activities, please let me know.

Each of your districts now has a copy of the Gunyou/Kiedrowski tape. This tape was sent to your superintendents by the Alliance for Student Achievement.  This is their testimony before a joint senate finance and tax committee, it has been edited to 20 minutes for easy viewing. I strongly encourage you to make yourselves familiar with the information on the tape and consider how it might be best used in your district. There are multiple uses for this tape—show it at a Rotary meeting, VFW, a church meeting, a Realtors meeting, a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, or a senior gathering. This information can stimulate conversations for those candidate forums!  In addition, a second slide presentation from John Gunyou is posted at > Straight Talk About Government Finance.

The Alliance for Student Achievement is comprised of multiple statewide education associations—MSBA, EM, MASA, PTA, MASBO, AMSD, SEE, MREA to name a few! Parents United Network is affiliated with this organization.  They are hosting their third annual summit this year in September.  Hundreds of people have participated in their first two summits—they have wonderful speakers and it is a great opportunity to network. An invitation for the Alliance Summit is posted at Events > Public Forums. The first person from your district is charged $60 and all others are $45. I will be attending so if no one else from you district goes, register under Parents United Network and you will qualify for the $45 cost!  If you want any further information about that call or e-mail me!

If you would like to talk about activities to get ready for the fall or schedule a presentation in your district, please give me a few dates and times, and I will be happy to accommodate you.  This is a great time to visit with your local legislators, candidates and our state leadership, have letters to the editor written and ready to go in the fall, grab presentation dates, get those candidate forums together, gather information and organize, organize, organize. I will be happy to help any way I can!

Thank you for all you do for the kids in Minnesota!

–Mary Cecconi, State Coordinator


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