School districts may team up to reduce costs and improve opportunities

/ 24 December 2008 / Parents United

Brenda Winter, Rock County Star Herald, December 24, 2008 –

Small adjustments in the school’s schedule and calendar to facilitate cooperation among local school districts could be noticed by students and their families as soon as Fall 2009, according to Superintendent Gary Fisher.

Fisher said four districts, Luverne, Pipestone, Murray County Central and Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, have already begun discussing cooperation to save money.

Primarily they’re considering alignment of school calendars to permit common staff in-service days and to establish a common daily class schedule to better use the interactive television system.

Three more districts, Adrian, Russel-Tyler-Ruthton and Edgerton, will join the discussion in January.

Fisher said sharing in-service costs will save each district money.

Coordinating curriculum purchases over time will do the same. He said projected decreases in state funding are causing schools to look at all means of reducing spending.

Student opportunities will grow as ITV course offerings increase, Fisher said.

“More ITV classes will allow more class options,” he said.

“We may be able to help other districts by sharing what we have. Because of on-line learning, how we look at education is really changing.”

Fisher said a local district co-op could include as many as 7,500 students from the seven schools.