“A Nation at Risk” Twenty Five Years Later – In 1983, A Nation at Risk misidentified what is wrong with our public schools and consequently set the nation on a school reform crusade that has done more harm than good, CATO Institute, April 2008.

Confessions of a “No Child Left Behind” Supporter – An interview with Sandy Kress, a lawyer and former school board member who, as a domestic policy advisor in the White House, served as President Bush’s chief negotiator during the original NCLB debate (pdf version), Education Next, Spring 2007.

Education at Risk – Nearly a quarter century ago, “A Nation at Risk” hit our schools like a brick dropped from a penthouse window. One problem: The landmark document that still shapes our national debate on education was misquoted, misinterpreted, and often dead wrong, Edutopia – a publication of the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), March 2007.

No Child Left Behind and Desegregation

10 Things Every American Needs to Know About Brown v. Board of Education – Education Trust, May 2004.

  • Myths vs. Realities (Power Point) – Presents a powerful case for reform and accountability.

Thousands of black teachers lost jobs – In 1954, about 82,000 black teachers were responsible for teaching 2 million black children. In the 11 years immediately following Brown, more than 38,000 black teachers and administrators in 17 Southern and border states lost their jobs, USA TODAY, April 2004.

Brown versus Board of Education, College Board Review, Fall 2003.

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